OK, What would you get if you gathered five professional musicians
chosen at random, rounded off the edges and the generations to the
nearest era so they fit into a studio together nicely, and left them to their
muse with no one cracking the whip (or whipping out the crack). Well,
normally not a hell of a lot. But SiennaBlu needs no rule to be the
exception. Despite their diverse derivations and mish-mash of musical
proclivities this hard-working cadre of five coalesce synergistically to
concoct a distinctive brew that tastes great with less filling.
After pouring a solid foundation with the contagiously crisp kick of their
all-school rhythm section consisting of right-coast jazz and funk traps
master James Miller, who raised eyebrows at 17 as the token white boy
in the nightclubs of Philly, and the uncommonly funky, pocket-popping
bass lines of Clendell Rundles, we then begin layering. Millers own
prodigy/progeny Corey Miller, who careened into prominence like he was
shot out of a cannon, weaves a richly orchestral lead guitar counterpoint
seamlessly with Dad's tight back beat. Combine all that with garage-band
knee-skinner turned session-savvy rhythm guitarist, Jordan Ronsonette,
one who brought his own fresh compositional impetus to the already
edgy harmonic concept of the amalgamation. And those are just the
instrumental accomplices. With all that musicianship polished, tuned and
the new motor purring, Sienna Blue ices the cake with the soul-stirring
vocal twang and intelligent yet balls-out lyrics of lead vocalist, Keith Luke.
Imagine Rob Thomas, Springstein, and both Van and Jim Morrison
Frankenstiened together (sans electrodes), listen to that guy in your head
for a minute, then you’ll be ready for Keith Luke. He leads the band with
the chutzpah of a rock legend and the sensitivity of a southern sooth-
saying sojourner. But above and beyond all the personal shedding, the
collective decades of experience and belt notches, even beyond the
seemingly endless wellspring of creative ideas they bring to each song, is
that intangible spark that’s present in every successful enterprise,
musical or otherwise: they love what they’re doing. Each member has
found his own personal voice and finds an avenue for expressing that
voice in SiennaBlu. Yet it all jigsaws together into a relaxed yet cohesive,
grounded yet uplifting and unmistakably original sound, something that’s
hard to come by even when they’re all hatched from the same nest. It’s
their skill and confidence as individuals, mutual respect, and work ethic
that yields this kind of rapport and allows them to find the buoyant
balance between the genre’s, generations and genetics they span. I’d
recommend this band to anyone, of any age or musical inclination,
because SiennaBlu Isn’t just a successful modern rock band, it’s just
great music.
Sanctify by SiennaBlu 2009   Written by Corey Miller and Keith Luke