Playing music has always been one of my favorite
things. I started on coronet, then to saxophone and
when I was a freshman in high school I got my 1st bass
guitar, a green beatle bass with a distorted amp. My
parents have always supported me with music and I
really appreciate them for it. I’ve played with a lot of
different people in my life and they have all had an
influence on me.

Most of my life, I’ve played FUNK, Jazz, Blues and R&B.
I had the great experience of opening for a very famous
band a while back. The feeling playing in front of all
those people was incredible(my 15 mins. of fame).
When I was in the Navy, we started a ships band, and
we played in Australia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and a USO
show with Miss America and the 4 runner ups! (Woo-
Hoo!).  I was living in San Diego when I got out of the
Navy, and I played a lot of jam sessions, did some
studio work for a few Rappers and Singers. I just
wanted to stay connected to music any way I could.

I moved to Houston and my Mom came down to visit.  
She ask me if I had ever heard from a friend of mine
from high school who use to play in a band with my
brother.  I told her no, not since high school, but with
help from Google I located him… he was living 15 min
from me in Houston! We got together and he told me
that the drummer from the old band lived in Houston
too.  So we started playing together again, and that’s
when I met the guys from SiennaBlu. They were a rock
band but they liked the flavor I added. So I joined them
and the rest is history.

It’s nice to create music from scratch and play it the
way I feel it.  The freedom to create our own parts
really is the spice that make us so different and fresh.  
SIENNABLU ROCKS and always will!