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At thirteen years of age, Houston born COREY MILLER told Dad that he was tired of the organized-sports thing and wanted to do something different with his spare time.  "I want a guitar" was the next thing out of his mouth. Dad, a lifelong musician, was floored because even though he had grown up exposed to music and went to many live concerts, Corey had never really shown any interest in playing.All of that was about to change...Dad bought the gear on one condition- he must take guitar lessons.
Enter Marzi, Corey's teacher from House of Guitars in Houston. Marzi had the perfect combination of talent, teaching ability, personality and "Cool" factor to transform his new prodigy into a serious, well rounded musician. Corey attended the Berklee Guitar Sessions in the summer, where he placed in the top ten out of 600 students in 2005, and met one of his guitar heroes, Greg Howe.   Corey joined Houston band SiennaBlu in December of 2005 right around the moment that he "got his snap" playing lead. He went to Magellan Sound Studios where Hank tutored him on all of the lead parts and solos on the Afterglow CD to get him ready for the stage.

He has had the incredible opportunity to play at the finest venues in Houston, on TV at the Fox Morning Show multiple times,in Hollywood at a Knitting Factory Showcase, and made it to the city wide finals at the Verizon Wireless Theatre in Houston in the BODOG Battle of the Bands, which was filmed for FUSE TV. He has written new material for SiennaBlu's upcoming CD, and music for the "Adventures of the Elements" soundtrack as well.

Corey graduated from Full Sail University's Recording Arts program with an associates degree in June of 2009, and is now producing SiennaBlu's first major release. He is in the planning stage of his recording studio, which will feature a full range of services including songwriting and recording, live sound, video and promotions.

Talented songwriter/performer/recording artist and technician for six years in Houston Texas with popular rock band SiennaBlu, performing at many major venues including the Verizon Wireless Theatre, Fitzgeralds, and Fox Morning show multiple times.  I have spent many hours in the recording studio as a musician and an engineer.

An extremely successful cousin in the recording arts field inspired me to graduate from high school early, in an accelerated program, so that I could attend Full Sail University in Orlando for the 2008-2009 school year. I graduated June 5th, 2009 with high marks and I am now pursuing a career in the recording arts and live sound.  I am also co-producing SiennaBlu's new album as my first post-graduate project, and am working on plans for my own business, with which I will provide musicians a multi-functional studio with songwriting, recording,  live sound, promotional services and more.  

Many hours songwriting and recording in various recording studios including Magellan Studios in Houston, Luminous Studios in Dallas, and our home studio. Other experience includes lots of stage time including setup and sound engineering with my band since I was 13 years old.

ProTools certified recording engineer from the Recording Arts program at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, Class of 2009. Experience running ProTools and Logic Studio software, and I have trained on many recording and mixing consoles including,  but not limited to, the SSL 9000J, AMEK 9098i, SSL AWS900+, and Digidesign's VENUE, Control 24, and the ICON.Extensively trained and proficient in setting up and running  live sound environments.

Graduated from Windfern High December 2007
Guitar instruction from Marzi of House of Guitars, 2003-2007
Associates Degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail University, 2009
Currently taking online courses for Final Cut Studio 2, and I will be enrolling at Lone Star College for the 2009-2010 school year.