I have been a musician since I was a small child, playing the piano at home
for my Mom and several other instruments all through school. I was a music
lover as well, and I cut my teeth on everything that was jazz and R&B,
thanks to a wonderful childhood friend’s influence and his dad's
unbelievable collection of jazz vinyl. I played drums in a funk band in the
70’s with a great group of guys from the Philadelphia area, who have
remained friends with me to this day.

I took a few, no
15 years off from playing, but in 1998 I bought a nice kit. It
was like getting back on a bike, and in no time, I was tight on my chops and
began forming a Jazz/ Funk band with my best friend and sax player from
high school, Quentin. We were always very close, and he moved down here
a year or so after I did. Right around the time he and I started getting
musicians together, our old friend Clendell showed up in Houston out of
the clear blue! Clendell is the brother of the lead singer in our band from
high school, played bass for another group that we competed with back in
the day. He was a couple of years younger, but he totally kicked it on bass
and eventually his band even opened for Earth, Wind and Fire in the late
!We found a cool guitar player and a great singer, and soon our new
band “Back II Basix” was having a good time resurrecting the old R&B covers
and learning new jazz tunes. Clendell and I quickly became a very tight
rhythm section, and just seemed to have a sixth sense about our timing.  

About a year later in 2005, Clendell became involved in the early
incarnation of theSiennaBlu project and could not get “into the pocket”
without his drummer, so he asked me to join the band, and I soon replaced
the original percussionist. I was skeptical at first because I never played
rock, but I said what the heck, and after being involved in the creative
process with the two great songwriters that founded the band, Keith and
John, I was convinced that this was something I wanted to do. I had to learn
30 songs in about 30 days, as the band had scheduled to go into the studio
to record their demo CD
3 months after I joined… I pulled every track out
of my you know what at those sessions. It was trial by fire for both Clendell
and I!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my 15 year old son was learning guitar like a
madman, inspired by what was going on around him. He started taking
lessons at 13, when he got bored with baseball, and was doing so well that
we sent him to Berklee School of Music for the summer program. He placed
in the top ten out of 600 kids, and shortly after he came home from Boston
in the summer of 2006, he became our lead guitarist.  In a short period of
time he has had the opportunity to play some huge venues with SiennaBlu,
and has become an incredible lead player and songwriter.  Sometimes we
want to strangle him because he gets to play all of these great shows as
soon as he steps out into the music world (brat), but we restrain ourselves,
and count him as one of our lucky stars. Corey graduated from Full Sail
University in Orlando with a degree degree in engineering, and has set up
the Propellerface Studios in Cypress and is co-writing and co- producing
SiennaBlu's new music.

After Corey left for school in May of 2009, I was visiting a friend who asked
how the band was doing, and I told her that we were stuck without Corey.
She jotted down a number, and a week later, Jordan was sitting in our
studio banging out tracks for our new demos, and absolutely wow-ing me
with his awesome playing and creative input. This was the icing on the
cake... we have a great new sound with this huge attack that really,
works, and all I did to find him was stop and say hello to an old friend.

Which brings me to Keith.. the man is a genius!  You can give this character
a chord progression, and an hour later, you’ve got a tune.  The best part is
that unlike a lot of singers that are so full of themselves, Keith will take
whatever direction the band is going in and add something you never would
have expected. It’s all rock & roll to him! Keith is such a positive person
and is a clown and a morale booster, and has helped to make quite a
songwriting team out of all of us.

So here we are.  SiennaBlu has become an innovative original rock band
with practically every musical influence there is blended into a modern
sound and a musical feeling that defies description.  This tight and loving
“family” of players from 3 generations that has gone through many ups and
downs, crappy bars, and no pay together in the last seven years is starting
to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We hope to put out our first
major release before the end of 2012. We are rehearsing every week and
writing new tunes, and our live sound is really taking shape.  We look
forward to Summer 2012 when we release our new music online and
resume our live shows in Houston and Austin... Stay Tuned!