around a stage.  Since the tender age
of nine, this Galena Park shredder has
banged heads all over Houston with his
take no prisoners approach to
performance.  Back from a third world
tour in the Navy, Jordan has faced the
insurgent armies of Iraq and Afganistan,
only to return home to battle Rita and
Katrina on the Gulf Coast.  Through it
all, music has kept this guy on track...
that guitar can become your best friend
real fast when the going gets rough.  

After settling down in Houston, Jordan
was recruited by SiennaBlu in the
Spring of 2008, and this talented
musician has transformed the band with
his cutting edge sound and attack.  A
lifetime of ideas rolling around in his
head, Ronsonette has been spitting out
new songs left and right in weekly
writing sessions at Siennablu Studio in
Cypress, Texas since joining the band.  
Check out Jordan's shady past in the
VIDEO section of this bio page... get a
taste of burning metal as you watch him
grow from a shirtless grade school
rocker to a finely seasoned session and
live player.

Jordans new tunes will be showing up
soon on the STUDIO page, and in
SiennaBlu's live shows as well.   
SiennaBlu Studio, 2010
the journey...
How did this Heavy Metal Madman from
GP end up with SiennaBlu?  The same
way everyone else in the band did... a
sheer twist of fate.  When you consider
the diversity in this band, and the
meandering plot lines and back stories
of the players involved, you might say
"Why not?"   If you look at these six
people from three generations, from all
different musical backgrounds, and all
with different tastes in music, you will
understand why it's hard to put the
resulting music into one category.  

Here is one member's journey... One of
the patches in SiennaBlu's crazy quilt of
modern rock musicians.  The home
videos and photos below will lead you
down the path that brought this
talented musician to the wild Blu
yonder... And they just might make you
wonder how he even made it here alive!