on his way back home to Beaumont, Texas from
SiennaBlu's studio in Houston,
KEITH LUKE pops a CD of a new chord
progression in the player. "This is always a good time to
write for me" he says, pumped up from rehearsal. "I'll
usually have the words and melody worked out before I
hit Baytown", he adds.
With the enthusiasm of a pitbull and after a hard days
work and a two hour drive to a
3 hour studio session,
he tears off down the road back home. An hour later,
don't you know homeboy is calling me up, singing our
next hit tune on the cel phone!

Next time you listen to your CD "To the Afterglow",
wrap your head around the message in the music. Keith
began his life of singing and songwriting as a young teen
in his small home town in Texas. He continues to follow
his love of music and performing, and since meeting up
with co-founder John Madeiro in 2004, he has written
more than 40 original tunes for SiennaBlu that convey
so many emotions and an incredible wealth of talent.
Be sure to come to the next show to experience great
new songs that you can only hear at a SiennaBlu show!