Special Intentions is a group of oil paintings on paper.  My ‘intention’ is that something in each of these paintings will relate to you on a
personal or universal level, and that you will find these paintings to be both spiritual and hopeful.  They are intended to encourage thoughts
about the journeys each of us are involved in, rather than offering answers or telling a specific story or narrative.

These images are painted with techniques used by some 17th Century Dutch and Italian painters.  I begin by ‘drawing’ an under-painting
using only a paintbrush, a technique called “grisaille”.  Then thin layers of translucent oil paint glazes are applied.  This enables me to
develop a depth of color, form, light, and shadow.  It also produces a high contrast of light and dark, a sense of drama the Italians called
“chiaroscuro”.  This use of chiaroscuro creates a tone of mystery or spirituality in the images.

The images are intentionally small in size so that they create a more intimate and personal relationship between the viewer and the painting.  
Many of the same images recur in the paintings.  Hopefully, there are as many interpretations of these images as there are viewers.  Some
think the walking sticks lend a sense of stability to aid you in your journey.  Others have said that the sticks are part of the landscape and are
longing to get back outside.  The boats can also be interpreted as an aid to your journey, or they can be a reference to fishing for something.  
The fire suggests an internal tension, energy, or searching.  Often the fire comes from the center of the painting – from the heart of the
image. The strong light in each painting can either represent dawn or twilight; it is calling us to something.

However you chose to interpret these images, it is my hope that they speak to you in a personal and spiritual way.

                                                                                                                                                                                                      Mark Weber
special intentions
mark weber