AleatoricArt at RED DOT Fair/Art Basel Miami week 2011

Call it a fluke, a stroke of luck if you like, but there’s no question about it: there is a movement afoot. Make no mistake it’s definitely an accident and it’s waiting to happen in Miami. Coming this December, MAMA, the Movement of Aleatoric Modern Artists, will be shocking, rocking and schlock-blocking Miami’s Art Basel for the third consecutive year and with MAMA’s tumescent growth in membership and the hyper-prolific artistic outs-pewing of the vets of this burgeoning agitation it promises to confuse, jar, discombobulate, and exhilarate venue goers corpse-ishly stoic and hysterically giddy alike. If you’re like I was not so long ago you’re probably asking yourself “what is aleatoric art and what makes it so earth-curdlingly stupefying?” The answer is, if two heads are better than one, how great must it be if one of those heads is the biggest head of all, Mom Nature! Yes Aleatoric Art is the ultimate collaboration between man and the elements. Happenstance, randomness and a twist of fate’s unwilling wrist go in halfseys with some of the most outstanding visionaries the planet can boast in a peaceful yet often violent serendipity of creative cacophony to produce works of art that go far beyond those of mere mortals alone. And you can witness this transmogrification of the face of art itself right before your very twitching, bugged out eyes this year at Red Dot Fair during Art Basel Miami. If you miss this severed off and bleeding stump of history you’ll be putting yourself at a grave disadvantage in terms of your art appreciation skills come Armageddon because, at the rate this movement is multiplying, Aleatoric Art will consume every single artistic thing in the universe by this time next Thursday! Be a part or fall that way and warn your friends of this must-see extremaganza.

About aleatoricart

Rolling the Dice “The Movement of Aleatoric Modern Artists is a hand-picked assemblage of 44 extraordinary painters, sculptors, photographers and craftspeople representing an emerging "period" in art history which has spontaneously occurred all over the world with uncanny simultaneity. In response to society's apathy toward the undermining of our planet's ecological balance by the ever-advancing technology of industry, every member of our movement has discovered a unique approach to art that is philosophically, spiritually, and/or functionally aligned with the laws of nature. Each of us has selflessly devoted our talents to developing a relationship with our mother Earth and discovering new ways of collaborating with her design to produce a body of work greater than our abilities alone would allow. From thousands of submissions each of MAMA's members were chosen for their willingness to "roll the dice" (the literal meaning of the root word "alea" in aleatoric) and to explore uncharted artistic territory by leaving a part of the creative process to chance. In the tradition of Dadaism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism and other periods representing freedom from figurative form, the Aleatoricians of MAMA view their work as a cooperative collaboration with the forces of nature, capturing the amazing synchronicities that occur spontaneously by virtue of the law of averages, and reaping the rewards of patient observation of natural circumstances. Aleatoric art is to art what quantum physics is to physics in that we've thrown out the old preconceptions and conceptual limitations that have led us to the brink of cultural stagnation. In so doing we have already begun to change the face of art. MAMA's mission is to instill our culture with newfound appreciation of art by presenting to the world an entirely new paragon, to advocate a more sustainable, all-inclusive, and limitless expression of the human experience through art than was previously attainable, and to reconnect our spirits to the world in which we evolved.” Ray Cabarga, writer and art critic at Aleatoric Art Gallery
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