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Black Squares

Steel Wrinkles by Allan Rodewald Since modern art, in its early infancy, first learned to say Dada experts have been a little sketchy as to the difference between precedent-setting genius and a wet clean-up on aisle 5 at Kelly-Moore. Back in … Continue reading

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How to…

“By it’s very nature it holds the potential for discovery and innovation few other
disciplines can offer…” Continue reading

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Twenty-nine talented individuals representing a variety of genre have
gathered to form a collective known as MAMA, the Movement of Aleatoric
Modern Artists a nod to the DADAists of the early twentieth century who
made liberal use of accidental methods when composing great works of
art. The AleatoricArt gallery was created in 2009 to entertain and educate
art lovers about the element of chance in fine art history, and to inspire
students and emerging artists to discover and enjoy the same freedom
from the confines of accepted artistic methods that the use of chance
represents. The group is working together on ways to promote their new
ideas and processes, which utilize today’s techniques, materials and
technology combined with ancient aleatoric means and controlled chaos.
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